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We provide our clients with a single-source solution to managing their family wealth. We take on the role of the “family CFO,” managing investments, implementing advanced planning strategies and performing a variety of administrative functions to simplify our clients’ lives.

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Our Promise to You

Century Wealth Management was founded in 2000 to serve the investing needs of a single family after the sale of a Memphis-based business. Based on our origin, every decision we make in managing money, building our company, and serving our clients is driven by the question: “What would I want if I were the client?”

The answer to this question defines our values and approach, which translate directly into the promises we make to each of our clients:

Our Services

Century Wealth Management offer a range of solutions to meet your individualized needs.
Each level of service builds on the other and leverages our best practices, advanced planning capabilities and institutional approach to investment management.

A higher level of service
A higher-minded approach

Investment Management

We provide an institutional-quality approach to asset management, no matter how large your investment portfolio might be. It is at the core of all we do, ensuring that each client has the means to realize their long-term vision. Learn More

Wealth Management

The current financial landscape is increasingly complex, littered with obstacles, and constantly changing. Century Wealth Management helps clients chart a successful course for the future by helping clients determine their needs, craft a plan to address those needs, and manage the process going forward. Learn More

Family Office

The family office model expands on traditional wealth management by offering a broader array of services in support of comprehensive long-term planning. Typically suited for families with a net worth of $10 million or more, this approach brings to bear all the resources needed to empower families to live their ideals and ensure a meaningful legacy. For family office clients, we take on the role of the “Family CFO,” manage investments, implement advanced planning strategies, and perform a variety of administrative functions to simplify our clients’ lives. Learn More

We love what we do

Nothing makes us happier than helping a family achieve their goals. We are a team of wealth management professionals with deep knowledge and experience dedicated to inspiring and empowering families to live their ideals. The process begins with building a relationship, so let's get started.

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