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A Mid-Term Report Card

After recently reviewing one of my children’s report cards (A’s and a couple of B’s….thanks for asking), I thought I’d take a shot (politics aside) at grading several of the key players currently working to fix our many problems.

Barack Obama           Grade: C+       Effort: A-

Barack was very impressive throughout the interview process, and we all had high hopes for him at the beginning of the semester. Barack, however, has suffered from all the usual freshman pitfalls as well as several of his own making (declaring a triple major, and relying too heavily on older classmen to write the stimulus package). Barack, while a delightful, well meaning student, may have to drop some of his AP classes and focus more on the core curriculum if he hopes to continue on to graduate school.

Congress                     Grade: D         Effort: D+

Congress, as is sometimes common with older classmen, is feeling self-important and exhibiting a mob mentality. They are acting like BMOC (Big Man on Campus), distracted with homecoming and pledge week, and not completing their required assignments. Congress suffers from delusions of grandeur, a sense of entitlement, and forgets that they are here on full scholarship and can be sent home at any time. Congress needs to accept responsibility for their actions, stop inciting the other students, and realize that many of the problems on campus are of their own making.

Ben Bernanke              Grade: A         Effort: A

Ben continues to hand in exceptional work. His understated style and modesty are a welcome change from some of his other classmates who always have their hand up, whether they know the answer or not. Ben’s creativity and deep knowledge of history has helped him achieve excellent results on many projects. The whole school is benefiting from his hard work.

Tim Geithner                 Grade: B-         Effort: C

Young Timothy is trying his best. As one of the youngest in the class, his small size and inexperience often put him at a disadvantage. The quality of his content is sometimes lost in the delivery. However, he is bright and his work has improved over the course of the semester. With some help from an older student (Ben B. perhaps), I think he will find his footing and prove to be a solid B student.

Corporate Execs          Grade: C+       Effort: C-

Corporate Execs, in general, and those majoring in banking, in particular, have got to get their acts together. They have coasted for far too long – turning in below average work while getting above average grades. Going forward, these students need to turn in better work and be graded accurately. The stakes are too high to do otherwise. They play an important role in the student body and need to be well trained and properly incentivized. They will, however, need to lower their expectations about career opportunities and salary potential in the future.

We also want to make parents aware that there have been several reported incidents of bullying between Congress and the Corporate Execs. While we feel some of it was deserved, Congress, as usual, has gone to extremes. Our Vice-Principal is looking into the situation.

Posted by Jay Healy at 8:41 AM
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