Guided Discovery

Helping you identify and document your own vision of the future is one of the most important advisory roles we serve. It is for that reason that we carefully designed a Guided Discovery process that helps you capture and articulate your beliefs and attitudes about wealth, family, and values. The process will put you in control of your wealth and planning and empower you to leave an enduring legacy.

Guided Discovery consists of three stages. The first is a thought-provoking questionnaire that will help you consider and integrate the issues that are most important to you, including some that you may not have considered before. The questionnaire is followed by a Family Retreat, where we review and clarify your answers and introduce you to some key financial topics that will have great impact on the stewardship of your family wealth. The result of this process is a document called the "Family Wealth Mission Statement." With your help and input, this becomes the guidebook to your vision of your family and its wealth, integrating your philosophical, spiritual, and financial thoughts into a road map for your financial future.


Just as important as the discovery of your vision, is its execution. Moving forward to make your vision of the future a reality, and working from the priorities communicated in the Family Wealth Mission Statement, we create a strategic plan for your family. We call it the Family Agenda. It addresses the issues that are most important to you in order of priority, plots a course for further action, and identifies expected outcomes.

Once this plan is approved, we begin working on your behalf with your existing team of advisors, or new ones if necessary. We introduce them to your Family Wealth Mission Statement and the Family Agenda. Your advisors will love the clarity and focus that this process brings. You will love the simplicity and quality of execution.


Wouldn't you like the simplicity of working through one advisor to accomplish all your family's goals? The family office engagement provides just that - one quarterback, in tune with your values and vision, and fully accountable for the implementation and outcome of your plan.