In addition to traditional wealth management services, we offer these additional services as part of our family office platform.

Lifestyle Services

For many wealthy families, time is your most precious resource. Allow us to help you focus on the important things in your life by taking care of time-consuming matters that don't need your direct attention. Let us simplify your life by helping with bill payment; mail management; bookkeeping; recordkeeping; technology solutions; personal concierge services; travel arrangements; domestic help screening, hiring, and payroll; real estate property management; and the purchase or sale of major assets.

Family Philanthropy

Among the most rewarding things we do is helping our families craft and implement their philanthropic plans. This includes everything from helping clients clarify their own charitable intent, and identifying the appropriate vehicle for gifting, to the naturally tight integration of philanthropy with investment and estate planning.

Business Development

Families who own private businesses are in a unique situation; the business is often their most highly valued asset and makes up the majority of their net worth. Yet, too often this asset is ignored in discussions with advisors who focus only on investable assets. We strive to be a resource for business owners, recognizing that efforts spent on behalf of the business often pay for themselves many times over. Either in-house or through our vetted referral network, we can provide strategic planning, consulting, and valuation services.

Family Development

Everything we do financially should have a positive impact on the family. Sometimes, the biggest opportunities lie, not in investments, but in the area of personal development. We can help by referring you to colleagues - family counselors, personal coaches, or education consultants - in whom we have great faith. We can recommend programs or conferences that will help your family further their goals. Your college-age children may want to spend the summer working with us in our internship program. Rest assured that whatever is important to you is important to us.