Our core values and motivations translate directly into this set of non-negotiable promises we make to our clients:

We provide the highest standard of care

Our advice will always be objective. We will act as fiduciaries and always put your interests above our own.

We are fee-only and proud of it

Our compensation is transparent - no commissions, no third-party payments. To minimize conflicts of interest, our clients pay us directly for advice and services rendered.

We honor your privacy

Your privacy is priceless and will be respected and guarded. To that end, all our dealings will be confidential and we will employ the latest technology to protect sensitive information.

We eat our own cooking

We will manage your investments the same way we manage our own.

We are thirsty for knowledge

We will stay abreast of changes in the law, the economy, and the investment landscape so we can offer you the most practical and appropriate advice. 

We make your goals our priority

Our primary focus will always be helping you clarify, communicate, and accomplish your goals. Products, strategies, tools, and techniques are simply a means to that end.

We tell it like it is

We will be honest with you and your family, even if that honesty causes discomfort.

We are in this together

We will strive to be an exceptional firm, to grow responsibly, and to be mindful of the effect of business decisions on client relationships. We will never take your relationship for granted.