As a client of Century Wealth Management, you will have a clear and accurate picture of your investment holdings and performance. Our reporting is designed so you can rest assured that your goals are being achieved.

To that end, we aggregate data from many sources - everything from daily downloads from major investment banks and master custodians, to manual entry of investment partnerships. We even include data from outside managers, so our clients have a single, complete picture.

Ultimately, we are proud of the quality, accuracy, and detail of the reporting available to our clients, including:

  • Quarterly performance updates that aggregate the investment performance of each client's entire portfolio, compare performance to benchmarks, detail holdings, and provide transaction history.
  • Performance summaries of private equity holdings detailing commitments, calls, and distributions.
  • Periodic cash flow reviews using Monte Carlo simulation to model likely outcomes.
  • Secure online access to account details, portfolio holdings, and historical reports.