The current financial landscape is increasingly complex, littered with obstacles, and constantly changing. It is hard just to make sense of it all, let alone navigate this difficult terrain yourself. Yet, you want to know that your assets are protected and growing, and that the decisions you make are the best ones for your family.

Century Wealth Management can help you chart a successful course for the future. We can help you determine your needs, craft a plan to address those needs, and manage the process going forward.

Our expertise and services cover the following areas:

Investment Management

Century Wealth Management builds portfolios designed to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Read a detailed description of our investment process here.

Risk Management

Century Wealth Management can undertake a thorough review of your family's exposure to the unexpected and uninvited, whether it be premature death or natural disaster. Key considerations include lifestyle, assets, real estate, existing insurance coverage, and potential needs. We identify exposure and recommend cost effective solutions.

Estate Planning

An estate plan is not a document. It is a lifelong process. Overseeing that process is a core part of what Century Wealth Management does. We help our clients draft estate plans that are aligned with their core values - plans that address issues of the heart, as well as the wallet. Then, to ensure a successful outcome, we oversee the implementation of the plan, coordinating with other advisors to ensure that all financial decisions support the intended outcome.

Tax Planning

Century Wealth Management's proactive tax planning involves modeling scenarios over multiple years, coordinating timing for investment decisions, philanthropic planning, and income and expense patterns. We also work closely with our clients' tax advisors to take the hassle and worry out of tax season.

Education Planning

Making the most of the tax breaks available to reduce the cost of higher education is especially difficult for high-income families, because the obvious credits and deductions phase out as income levels rise. Through careful integration with your tax planning, estate planning, and investment strategy, we can help you develop a college-funding strategy that makes the most sense for your family.


Among the most rewarding things we do is helping our families craft and implement their philanthropic plans. This includes helping clients clarify their charitable intentions and identifying the appropriate vehicles for gifting, while integrating philanthropic goals with investment management and estate planning. 

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